How to import from China

Seminar How to import from China

Everything you have to take into account post-pandemic to import from Asia. Learn first-hand the step by step to have a successful import free of fraud and risks.


  • You will discover and understand the real potential of the Chinese market in an easy and 100% educational way.
  • You will learn step by step from scratch to carry out an import and everything you need to take into account when nationalizing your merchandise.
  • We will teach you everything about negotiation protocols to build trust and do business with China safely while minimizing risks.
  • You will have an updated supplier list from our latest 2023 trade mission to YIWU Wholesale Market.
  • You will have all the material recorded and you will be able to use our calculation templates so that you can validate the profitability of your business.


  • Product search and business evaluation.
  • How to identify if your product is restricted or prohibited?
  • You will learn to review the tariff heading of your product and calculate its taxes.
  • Search and validation of suppliers.
  • Communication and negotiation tools with suppliers in China.
  • Documentation checklist
  • What is the “Import Factor” and how to calculate it?
  • Minimize the risk of working with China, learn how.


  1. Roadmap – PPT presentation of the seminar and complete recording.
  2. Spreadsheet with all import costs.
  3. Supplier List 2023 with more than 30 product categories.

how to import from china

how to import from china

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import from china

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