Veneva Services

import from china We have a BROKER service to import from China.

We have two services available:

  1. Search of suppliers. 
The client sends us his requirement, reference photo, specific product. With this information we search the market for 3 suppliers that meet the requirement.

Price: 100 USD

Includes: 3 contacts from the YIWU market where we found the requested product.

2. BROKER and purchasing agent service.
    We provide Broker service for purchases over 2,000 USD, accompanying you throughout the entire process from choosing the product to nationalizing the merchandise placed in your warehouse.
    1. Advice on choosing the product.
    2. Accompaniment throughout the entire import process.
    3. Customs Management (Does not include import costs).
    4. Commission 15% of the value of your purchase.
    3. Product development
    • Develop a clothing collection.
    • Manufacturing products from scratch.